Christian Motorcyclists Association

Ministry Team Program


Have you ever considered going to a secular rally but were stopped by thoughts like "What would I do? Where would I fit in?" Here is a proven learning opportunity for you, based on Scriptural Concepts - The Christian Motorcyclists Association's Ministry Team Training Program. This training material includes practical teaching and illustrations, which demonstrate the importance of using your abilities to reach others with the Gospel. By listening and working through this course, you will learn that two of the key ingredients in sharing your faith are being visible and being involved. You will learn that building relationships with others will eventually open doors for ministry in the motorcycling world.

The Ministry Team Training Course provides in-depth information on who CMA is, what we do, and basic ministering principles. We feel it is important to provide key information about CMA and basic ministry training to anyone desiring to join. The course includes 3 DVDs and one Workbook and can be purchased for $22.00 plus state tax if applicable. The first two DVDs will provide in-depth information about the CMA ministry on a national, regional and local level. The third DVD is the Ministry Team of your choice and provides basic ministering principles specific to each team. The choices are: Children’s, First Aid, Hospitality, Mechanical, Music, Prayer, Prison, Servants, Women’s, Youth, and Youth Movement. The workbook is generic and fits any Ministry Team chosen. We highly recommend the servant’s team for those who are completing the Ministry Team for the first time as it provides basic principles that translate over into every area of ministry. If more than one person seeking membership (example: husband and wife) each person will need their own workbook. Additional Ministry Training Workbooks can be purchased for $6.00 each at or by calling the order line. You will need to complete the training only once in order to be qualified for membership, although we encourage you to review the material yearly.

Upon completing your Ministry Team Training Course, send the tear-out pages of the workbook to the CMA National/International Support Center where they will be processed and a membership card will be sent to you. This card will authorize you to purchase items with the official CMA logo and the official CMA back patch.



Servants Ministry

Servants' Ministry Team

Designed for people willing to be used in a variety of ways by meeting practical and physical needs at rallies. This ministry team member may offer help to the rally promoter in such areas as registration, security, clean-up, motorcycle games, working at the ticket office, etc. You will hear from CMAers who are active on this special ministry team. This training series promises to provide you with many creative ways to serve at secular rallies or at one of many CMA events.

Women's Ministry

Women's Ministry Team

This special training material provides practical insight on building relationships with women. This specific training is by women who are active in one-on-one ministry in the motorcycling world. You will learn how to open doors for meeting women's spiritual needs by first of all meeting their practical and physical needs. This series offers many suggestions, ideas and illustrations of how God can use you in the Women's Ministry Team.

Prayer Ministry

Prayer Ministry Team

Many of you are actively involved in a prayer ministry in your local church and chapter, but you may not know other ways your prayers can reach out to the lost. Part of this training program is not only to give you the basics for praying for people's needs, but also to put your prayers into practice by visiting downed bikers and others in the hospitals. This ministry gives you the opportunity to minister to others who may not be near home, or may not be a Christian. Your prayers and visits may be the first step for many to come to know the love and forgiveness of the Lord.

Prison Ministry

Prison Ministry Team

CMA has developed a training program for those of you who wish to be more involved in prison ministry. Gary Wadding will share with you the principles of prison ministry and the procedures for making your visit inside a prison effective. This is a vital program that CMA knows you will want to become involved in.

Hospitality Ministry

Hospitality Ministry Team

This is the team for those who naturally seem to draw a crowd around their camp. These team members may provide popcorn, soup, snacks, water, coffee, or just good fellowship at their camp for the purpose of building relationships and sharing Jesus. Practical suggestions in this material will equip you to offer ministry to the campers around you.

Music Ministry

Music Ministry Team

The theme of this team is "Music to reach their ears, so that the message can reach their hearts." The training material details how to provide music for services at the evangelist's request or how to lead group sing-a-longs around the campfire. If you are skilled in this area, this may be the team for you. Once completed, you may notify your Regional Evangelist of your availability in this area.

Mechanical Ministry

Mechanical Ministry Team

Designed for the person with mechanical abilities and a servant's heart, the material offered in this program will instruct you on how to use your abilities to meet the mechanical needs of motorcyclists attending the rally. This series will give you the Biblical foundations as to why you are called to service. It will also show you how God can use you to be an effective witness for the Gospel as you reach people through your practical knowledge of motorcycles and engines.

First Aid Ministry

First Aid Ministry Team

If you have first-aid skills, you may consider this ministry team. First Aid Team members offer basic services to rally participants for minor emergencies. The training course is taught by a certified first aid instructor and cover topics that may be graphic in detail for those not familiar with first-aid practices. To serve on this ministry team, you must have completed a CPR or first aid course and have a valid certificate.

Children's Ministry

Children's Ministry Team

The Children's Ministry Team is geared toward reaching the little ones. Children's Team members will learn what children like to do and what will keep their attention. If you are sensitive to the needs of young people and/or you are working with young people at the present time, this may be the team for you.

Kids Activity Pages

Youth Team

Youth Team - Adults
10 Keywords for Youth Ministry

CMA Youth Evangelists Jerod and Jennifer McPherson discuss 10 words that should be a part of the life of those who work with young people.

CMA Youth Movement Team

CMA Youth Movement Team - Teens
(Ages 12-18)

CMA Youth Evangelists Jerod and Jennifer McPherson discuss the basics of being a Christian teenager. This 90 minute video deals with the greatest commandment given by Jesus: to love God and to love others. This is specially designed for youth ages 12-18 and is the entire requirement for them to earn their colors.