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Q: What does it take to become a member of the Christian Motorcyclists Association (CMA)?

A: CMA is an organization made up of chapters working together to accomplish much for the Kingdom of God. The chapters are integral in the fabric of who we are. As you seek to determine if CMA is the right organization for you, we highly encourage you to find a local chapter and attend some of their meetings and events where they do ministry. Chapter and state leader contact information can be found on our website at

The first and most significant requirement for membership in CMA is that you acknowledge you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and Lord. The second requirement for membership is completion of CMA’s Member Training. We feel it is important to provide key information about CMA and basic ministry training to anyone desiring to join this ministry, and as such, anyone desiring to join CMA will need to complete the Member Training. This material is available for purchase at or through the CMA order line at 870-389-6196. Application for membership is included in the training’s workbook.

Upon completing the Member Training, send the tear-out pages to the CMA National/International Support Center where they will be processed and a membership card will be sent to you. This card will authorize you to purchase items with the official CMA logo and the official CMA back patch.

Q: What is CMA’s Member Training?

A: The Member Training is designed to focus your attention on preparing yourself for becoming an active, functioning member of a local CMA chapter. It is a DVD-based course with an accompanying workbook that is divided into twelve video sessions, each with suggested discussion questions following. The content of this training covers a variety of topics, but is focused on two major areas: personal spiritual growth and training for motorcycle ministry. In this way, the Member Training is a unique tool designed to address the specific needs of those interested in becoming involved in evangelism in the biking world. The Member Training is available for purchase online at

Q: How can I get this Member Training?

A: CMA’s Member Training is available for purchase online at or through the CMA order line at 870-389-6196. It is important to note that some local chapters maintain a supply of Member Training Materials for new members to utilize. Checking with the local chapter before ordering these materials may save you time and money.

Q: Do I have to pay dues to be a member of CMA?

A: Although we do operate on a donation basis, there are no yearly membership fees for being a member of CMA.

Q: Where can I find CMA Chapters in my area?

A: To locate a chapter in your area, you may search using the FIND A CHAPTER database located in the main navigation bar or by clicking on the CMA National link and choosing STATE LEADERSHIP.

Q: Why should I be part of a local chapter?

A: Local chapters provide the opportunity to fellowship, grow, and minister with likeminded Christians. They help you to connect to CMA'ers throughout your state and throughout the nation.

Q: I recently accepted Christ, now what?

A: You have made the most important decision of this lifetime, congratulations! Please visit our Spiritual Resources page for vital information concerning your walk with Christ. We encourage you to attend a local church as well as attend a local CMA chapter meeting.



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