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From the Heart of John Ogden Sr.


Thank you for your faithfulness in serving God through the ministry of CMA. In 2013, thousands of lives were touched, set free, and forever changed through our combined efforts in serving the Lord.

Moving into 2014, I am reminded of what God said He would do and is accomplishing this decade:

  1. Increased Anointing. God's anointing will increase and we will experience the miraculous power of God in every part of the ministry both in the USA and internationally.
  2. Increased Visibility. God's influence through CMA will increase and we will become more visible in the Christian community.
  3. Increased Ministry Pace. The pace and speed of the ministry will increase; we must be ready to tear down the walls and pull together nationally and internationally as we never have before.
  4. Financial Growth. Finances to accomplish God's purposes will increase.

In my most recent sabbatical time, the Holy Spirit said we should concentrate on the basics of the Gospel, for it is through the basics that we know Him and receive provisions for this specific time. As a result, our focus for the 2014 Seasons of Refreshing will be on how to continue to serve the Lord in an increasingly hostile culture. It is a two part study designed to empower and equip us to "fight the good fight for the true faith" (1 Timothy 6:12, NLT). Inner Armor - Empowered focuses us on the reality of spiritual warfare and the importance of depending on the Lord for strength, power, and victory. In this training, we will learn these key points:

It has never been more important for the followers of Jesus to be empowered to fight against the enemy of our soul and God's Kingdom. Make plans to be at this important event in your state. Information about your state's Seasons of Refreshing can be found in the HeartBeat magazine and online at

Together we can make a difference and continue changing the world, one heart at a time!

A Fellow Servant,

John Ogden Sr.
CEO/Chairman of the Board of Directors


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