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From the Heart of John Ogden Sr.


Thank you for allowing God to use you within the ministry of CMA. It is your commitment to following the Holy Spirit along with His anointing that has allowed us to see God's hand at work setting the foundation for the future within our ministry. You have touched over 500,000 people with the Gospel of Jesus within the USA alone. This represents a 58% growth in ministry to people from salvations, recommitments and one-on-one ministry in the highways and byways.

At the 2014 Changing of the Colors Rally, we had CMA leaders from 28 nations. This was the largest gathering of CMA International leaders in the history of the ministry. We saw the Holy Spirit unite us in purpose and vision for reaching the lost motorcyclists of the world.

I am hearing the voice of the Lord say, "Prepare for the future." Last year, we began a concentration on the basics of the Gospel, for it is through the basics that we know Him and receive provisions for this specific time. Our focus for 2014 was the first part in this two-part study and focused on empowering us to see the reality of spiritual warfare and the importance of depending on the Lord. What He did in 2014 was in preparation for a spiritual renewal in 2015. This year, the focus of the Seasons of Refreshing will be the second part in this series, Inner Armor - Equipped. It will explain the components of God's Armor, giving practical ways for CMA members and chapters to equip themselves for spiritual warfare. In this training, members will discuss these key points:

It has never been more important for the followers of Jesus to be equipped and empowered to fight against the enemy of our soul and God's Kingdom. Make plans to be at this important event in your state. Information about your state's Seasons of Refreshing can be found in the HeartBeat magazine and online at

Together we can make a difference and continue changing the world, one heart at a time!

A Fellow Servant,
John Ogden Sr.
CEO/Chairman of the Board of Directors